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Whether you need a new window installation or a replacement, at First Choice we provide the most reliable installation services to help you improve the secuity, value and looks of your home.

Increase Your


Secure and solid locking windows provide a greater sense of safety.

Not only does it improve the way your house looks but also adds value to your property.

It helps you reduce heating and cooling costs by preventing the heat from entering your home during warm months, and from leaving during winter.

Save Money

Increase Your

Home Value


Window Replacement in Lexington, KY area

Window replacement Lexington KY
New windows add significant value to your property and determine the looks of both interior and exterior of your home. They prevent the cold air coming in during winter and hot air during summer, saving you money on energy bills.
If you would like to get started with a window installation or replacement contact us to get a free estimate.
First Choice crew replaced all the windows in my house and my brother's apartment. They were extremely fast and professional.
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