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The Advantages of Preventative Maintenance on Your Roof

Proactively supporting a household means developing intelligent spending habits—after all, there’s no sense in spending hard-earned money on trivial things. However, saving doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your cash to gather dust. Within a functioning household, preventative maintenance is a necessary expense, keeping costly repairs and replacements at bay. Here’s how doing so can benefit your commercial flat roof.

Benefit 1 - Lower Repair Costs

Repairing your roof is money out of your pocket—every time. Through preventative maintenance, experienced technicians can shrink the severity of the problem, resulting in fewer overall repairs and lower repair costs.

Benefit 2 - Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

Consumer products aren’t designed to last—an ugly truth to promote sales. However, it isn’t impossible to prolong the lifespan of your commercial roof. Naturally, your roof can’t handle an unlimited number of repairs. As such, regular inspections can keep smaller problems from advancing.

Benefit 3 - Increase Selling Value

Are you looking to move anytime soon? While you won’t need to invest in landscaping or a garden upgrade to boost your curb appeal, a roof in poor condition won’t fly with prospective buyers. No one wants to inherit a property with a leaky roof! By keeping your property in tip-top shape, you can invest in a few cosmetic improvements to justifiably increase your selling price.

Benefit 4 - Reduce Insurance Rates by Improving Security

Unsafe property costs more to insure. Preventative roof maintenance can provide peace of mind to all those who inhabit your home. You can even include them on your insurance claims.

Benefit 5 - Create an Efficient Home

Let’s put the roofs aside and think about your family vehicle. Regular oil changes cool, lubricate, and clean your engine, allowing the car to run smoothly. Tire rotations keep your ride smooth, even, and safe. Without regular maintenance, you put your engine at risk of falling into disrepair, making for a costly fix!

Apply the same principle to your roof. The better it can regulate temperature and protect everyone—and everything—under it, the more efficiently it will function.

Benefit 6 - Reduce Service and Repair Time

The more your roof care specialist grows familiar with your structure’s layout and specific needs, the easier it will be to perform maintenance when they come around. The less time they need to spend servicing your roof, the more time you’ll have to focus on everything else.

What Happens During an Inspection?

Most professionals will recommend a roof inspection at least twice a year. During the session, your inspector will:

  • Evaluate drains and downspouts and clear any blockages that inhibit proper drainage

  • Check your penetrations and flashings for any gaps and tears

  • Assess rooftop vents and equipment to ensure they’re well-sealed

  • Note any signs of damage to the roof


Preventative maintenance is the best tool for maximizing the service life of your commercial roofing system. What will cut a little bit into your paycheck today will save you a tremendous amount tomorrow.

At First Choice Roofing, our streamlined inspection process saves you time, money, and unnecessary stress. Residential roofing or otherwise, we can shrink your energy bills and increase the value of your property.



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