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Keeping Safe While Roof Redecorating This Holiday Season

The holidays have arrived, and everybody is abuzz with the excitement of preparing for the festivities. Making sure not to miss a spot when putting up decorations can send people into an excited frenzy, covering every inch of the house in color and sparkle.

Decorating your roof is one way to make the house come together as nicely as possible. However, injuring yourself while working up there is a sure way to put a dent in your holiday season.

Whether you’re stringing up lights for your home or business’ roof, here are some safety tips to minimize any injuries that could take place right before the holidays are in full swing:

1. Wait for the Right Weather Conditions

A wet, snowy, or icy roof is a recipe for disaster if you wish to decorate. Make sure your roof is dry before you begin the installation, particularly if your decorations include electric lights. Being extra cautious and exercising common sense helps a great deal in this case.

2. Check for any Repairs

Before going all out with your decor, make sure your roof is in tip-top shape. It might be good to ask yourself when you last had your roof checked, and now is a good opportunity to make any necessary roofing repairs before stringing up your lights and wreaths.

Fixing up your roof will also make sure that you don’t accidentally trip over a loose shingle and cause even more damage in the process.

3. Ensure That Your Ladder is in Good Shape

Ladder accidents happen all the time, and it’s mostly because people had no idea that their ladders had a loose rail for one reason or another. Make sure to test it out while it’s lying flat on the ground or on a lower incline to ensure that it’s sturdy and can support your weight.

Once you’ve done this, reduce the risk of ladder accidents by positioning it at the lowest incline possible and using the leg levelers for support.

4. Look for Excess Leaves and Sagging Gutters

Leaves may not seem all that dangerous, but if they’re weighing down your gutter, they pose two risks.

First, dried leaves are a serious fire hazard that can spread more quickly than you think, and second, weighed down gutters can pull away from your roof and cause significant damages. Make sure to inspect whether a gutter repair or cleaning is needed to secure your safety.

5. Install the Right Lights and Monitor Power Consumption

Given that the outdoors is expected to be mostly wet during the coming weeks, it’s imperative that lights specifically designed to handle the outdoors are used. Decorating with normal lights can be a fire hazard and cause a fire that will spread across your roof.

To prevent a fire from breaking out in the home, make sure you don’t overload your power outlet with the lights. It’s also a good idea to ensure your bulbs are at a safe power rating (nothing higher than 7-volt) and that you test them before going up on the roof to ensure they are in working condition.

Other Safety Tips for Roof Decorating

Keep your roof installation as safe as possible by making sure you maintain a safe distance from power lines with a distance of ten feet. Be wary of placing heavy objects that can cause damage to your roof; you don’t want any unnecessary repairs from breaking your shingles.

Other things that can cause damage to your roof are the use of nails or staples to apply your decorations. Use hooks where possible to ensure that holes created by nails don’t turn into a leaking problem later on.


Whether it’s your commercial roofing or a residential building that needs decorating, safety is of the utmost importance and should be practiced before one goes up the ladder. The winter season makes it especially tricky for people to move around, what more an activity that’s done on the roof. However, you can’t deny the festive joy it brings to the season! By ensuring your own safety, it can guarantee a beautiful roof that’s ready to bring even more cheer to the most wonderful time of year.

Roofing issues are a big dampener during the holidays. First Choice LEX is a full-service roofing company in Kentucky that provides streamlined services to homeowners and business owners with commercial buildings. Contact us today for a free inspection!



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