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4 Simple Tips To Help You Find A Good Roofing Contractor

There’s a reason why the idiom “a roof above your head” exists: it’s arguably the most important and most neglected part of your house! Your roof protects you from the elements, and when it works properly, you don’t even notice it! As a homeowner, you should know that while a properly installed roof can last you for years, it will still need to be maintained regularly. The accumulation of dirt and grime, as well as debris such as leaves, can lead to clogged gutters that over time, weaken the overall structural integrity of your roof. Before long, water is dripping through your ceiling on a particularly rainy day, or worse, it could cave in due to the weight of the snow in winter.

To prevent that from happening, you should find a reputable roofing contractor who will get the job done to prevent problems down the road. But how do you exactly find a reputable contractor? Follow these four helpful tips.

1. Chase Good Value, Not The Lowest Price

Remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. You always get what you pay for. In finding the right contractor, be leery of those who try to attract you with rock bottom prices. Profits always need to be extracted somewhere and if it’s not gained from using substandard materials, it will be from hiring inexperienced workers. Either way, your roof is not as strong as it should be.

2. Choose Local Contractors As Much As Possible

It’s always best to choose roofing contractors who have an intimate knowledge of your area’s weather patterns, as well as the availability of materials. They will also be more likely to respond in case of emergencies related to your roofing.

3. Look for Referrals

You can’t fault any contractor for having a good marketing strategy, but try to look for the ones who have a reputation for being reliable. You can also look for online reviews on websites such as Yelp to have a better idea of a contractor’s workmanship. If at all possible, look for a friend or family member who has had their roof done recently, and ask if they can recommend their contractor. This way you can ensure that the contractor that you’re looking to hire will get the job done.

4. Make Sure They Are Good Communicators

An experienced roofing contractor understands the importance of open communication lines. Roofing projects often incur a significant cost, and they should be ready to address any issue or concern that you may have even before starting work. Documents should be sent, and calls should be answered. If you feel that the contractor is not being responsive, then that could mean that they are straddling too many projects to maintain an acceptable level of quality, or that they are having internal problems. Either way, you should walk away and look for another crew.


Finding a good roofing contractor shouldn’t be too difficult, given that every house will need some roof maintenance work done sooner or later. However, it’s best not to compromise and hire only the ones with ample experience and good track record to ensure that a safe and stable roof above your head for years to come.

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