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3 Signs Your Business’s Flat Roof is Damaged

When it comes to our offices, we often think more about what’s going on inside than outside. That is, of course, until your roof starts leaking. Because many businesses have flat roofs that don’t force water off in the same way that residential sloped roofs do, keeping your roof free from damage is even more important. First Choice Roofing is a trusted, local commercial roofer that can help keep your business’s flat roof in tip-top shape. We’re here to tell you about three signs that your business’s flat roof is damaged.

While water spots on your ceiling or water puddles on your floor are obvious indicators of a leak (although they can come from air conditioning condensation), there are other easy-to-miss signs that you also need to look out for. If you ever think there’s even a chance your commercial roof has been damaged, you’ll want to call a professional roofing company to come take a look.

1. Warping

Many commercial roofs are constructed from EPDM rubber that is tightly adhered to the roof’s foundation. When these roofs are in good shape, they are tight and flat against the building.

However, if you notice that your roof looks loose or wrinkly, it could be a sign that moisture has found its way under the roof and is washing away the adhesive layer. You may also notice this membrane “waving” in the wind. This is another sign that the rubber has come loose and needs to be re-adhered. This is a pretty easy fix, but it needs to be addressed by an experienced contractor immediately.

2. Dips

Flat roofs are meant to be just that - flat. If you get up on your business’s roof (carefully, of course!) and notice even small dips, that’s a sign of more serious damage. When a roof leaks for long enough, it can deteriorate the insulation boards below the rubber layer, leaving a gap.

Because there is nothing left to support the rubber, it dips. Because the surrounding rubber pulls the area over the gap tight, you may not notice the dip until you step on it or water pools in that area.

However, it is good to keep in mind that not all dips mean roof leaks, and professional contractors like the ones at First Choice can help you make sure. If you go up onto your roof after it rains and can push water out of seams, that’s another indication that the roof is failing and needs to be repaired or replaced.

3. Cracks on TPO Roofs

Many businesses opt for TPO roofs because they are lightweight and energy-efficient. However, as the roof ages, the TPO coating can crack, leaving easy access for water to get inside. If you notice major cracks in this type of roof, call us as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Cracks are one of the most common issues with TPO roofs, and they generally appear when the roof is about 15 years old.

If you do need to get up on your business’s roof to check for these issues, make sure you do so carefully. Even though the roof is flat, it can still be dangerous, especially if there is damage that has left the roof loose or gapped. If you’re not used to getting up onto roofs, have a fear of heights, or just generally would rather have professional roofers handle it, call First Choice Roofing. We offer free inspections, so there’s no risk to having us come out and take a look.

To learn more about maintaining your business’s flat roof, contact the trusted professionals at First Choice Roofing today! We offer roofing repair, replacement, and maintenance services to help keep your business running smoothly. Our office is conveniently located in Lexington, KY, and we proudly serve all of Central Kentucky, including Frankfort, Midway, Nicholasville, Winchester, Richmond, Versailles, Georgetown, and Harrodsburg. Let us be your trusted roofing partner.



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