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3 Outdoor Elements That Cause Roof Damages: What to Know

A roofing system is designed to protect the house structure and maintain its structural integrity. Despite being made of durable materials, it will still experience significant wear and tear over the years. Inevitably, potential damages become apparent that require an immediate fix or total replacement.

For the most part, we attribute roofing damages to the harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, storm, hail, or even snow. At times, homeowners are the main culprits because they do not schedule regular roof cleaning and maintenance. However, did you know that birds, animals, or insects, and your surrounding trees can be the main reasons for the roof deterioration?

In this article, we will share how these three outdoor elements cause damages to your roof and what you can do to prevent them:

1. Birds

Oftentimes overlooked, they are one of the main culprits of roof deterioration. Here’s how they cause potential roof damages:

  • Bird droppings: Did you know that their wastes are actually acidic? When they are left to sit on your roof components over a long period, the acids will eat away the materials. If left unattended, they’ll eventually create holes that can lead to water leaks.

  • Nesting: It’s easy to see birds build nests on your gutters. The chances are that they get accumulated with nesting materials and other debris. However, if there is heavy rainfall, they’ll become clogged with rainwater. As a result, water leaks happen that will compromise your home’s structural integrity, lead to mold growth, and affect the household’s health.

2. Animals or insects

Apart from birds, various animals and critters also love to stay on roofing systems. It’s easy to see rats, bats, raccoons, and squirrels make their home on the roof. The same is true for insects like ants, termites, and bees that can ruin its components. Here’s how they cause potential roof damages:

  • Attic chewing: Did you know that your attic is the perfect place for small animals and insects to find shelter? While they take space in your humble abode, they’ll chew the materials on your attic, leaving your home vulnerable to water damage and harmful mold infestation.

  • Fire and biohazard risk: Small rodents love to gnaw through the electrical wirings in your attic and roof. Not only will this cause damages, but it will also lead to a potential spark or fire outbreak. Ultimately, this will put you and your family in danger that will affect safety and cost lives.

3. Surrounding trees

It’s common for properties to have surrounding trees. While they enhance your curb appeal and provide you with fresh air, those closest to your home may impact your roofing system. Here’s how they cause potential roof damages:

  • Erosion: Tree limbs over your roof allow water to drip down continuously after a heavy downpour. Likewise, fallen leaves and accumulated debris will clog your gutters, causing improper drainage of rainwater. When water hits the ground, it will cause flooding and soil erosion.

  • Structural damage: During heavy rain or storm, fallen limbs may hit your roof parts, causing shingles to become worn, cracked, displaced, or damaged. This is why it’s best to maintain a distance between your house and the surrounding trees.


At this point, we’ve covered the three outdoor elements that can easily cause significant roof damages—birds, animals or insects, and surrounding trees. Be sure to understand how they cause damages and resort to preventative measures to stop them from happening.

It’s best to set roof inspection, cleaning, and maintenance schedules in place. Also, you need to have a roofing professional check it regularly, especially after an extreme weather condition. On top of that, have regular cleaning to remove birds, animals, insects, and trim trees’ leaves, twigs, and branches. If there are damages, call an expert roofer for immediate repair or replacement before the issues escalate!

Are you looking to inspect or repair your roofing system due to the presence of birds, animals, and trees in your property? Our premier roofing professionals in Lexington, KY, will be able to handle your roof with effective solutions and quality equipment! Apart from roofing services, we also offer gutter replacements, siding services, fencing services, and window replacements. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!



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