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3 Signs of Storm Damage on Your Roof to Look Out For

Storms and other severe weather conditions are among the top concerns that plague homeowners. Aside from ensuring that everyone is safe inside, they also have to make sure that the roof above their heads is strong enough to withstand the tempest.

Moreover, storm damages on roofs can be a major cause of headache. They can trigger urgent situations requiring repairs in the middle of a typhoon. Aside from that, it’s also worth pointing out that these damages give rise to additional problems. All of these issues, when put all together, entail safety hazards and painfully expensive repair costs.

To help you avoid all of these hassles and stresses, watch out for the three signs of storm damage you will find below. If you see any of these red flags, get in touch with your trusted roofing professionals right away.

1. Broken Shingles and Damaged Frame

Storms can bring particularly strong winds. Consequently, these violent winds can easily carry heavy objects and cause them to strike your roof. It will then sustain critical damages, especially if large items such as branches from nearby trees fell on it.

To avoid further complications, inspect your roof as soon as possible. Be on the lookout for any bent or broken shingles as well as deformities in your roof’s frames.

Checking for damages caused by hail can be more challenging as it only leaves small dents and holes in the structure. However, keep in mind that even the smallest of dents and holes can degrade your roof’s strength. Contact local roofing companies in your area if you need help with this.

2. Bent or Missing Shingles

Aside from broken shingles, strong winds can also cause these coverings to bend back. A stronger gale can rip them off altogether.

Looking out for bent or missing roof shingles is a crucial step as these damages make it easier for water to get inside your home’s roofing structure. This leads to moisture and humidity buildup—which is never good for your house!

Replacing bent and missing shingles is essential in preventing further water from seeping into your home and causing more damages.

3. Roof Leaks

These are signs of damage you must act on promptly as they can cause various damages. Aside from wreaking havoc on your roof, they can also cause water damage to the floors, appliances, and pieces of furniture inside your home.

Sometimes, leaks can be found in visible areas inside your house. That said, not all leaks are the same; some may occur in hidden places. Instead of simply looking for pools of water, you’ll also need to watch out for water stains on the ceiling or walls.

Actively identifying possible leaks and addressing them will help you protect your abode from extensive damage.


Violent storms and typhoons can give your home a harsh beating. Furthermore, they can cause damages such as holes and dents that expose the whole structure to further deterioration. While these severe weather conditions are inevitable, there are steps you can take to preserve your roof and protect your loved ones. Once a storm has passed, watch out for the signs mentioned above after a storm. Finally, work with roofing professionals right away to address the issues and keep your roof strong and sturdy.

If you are seeing any signs of storm damage on your roof, our professionals at First Choice LEX can help! We are a full-service roofing company with a streamlined process, enabling us to help homeowners save time, money, and unnecessary stress. Contact us today at (859) 780 2169 for a free inspection.



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